Are you the one constantly suffering from issues with your car transmission and in search of professional transmission repair specialists in Sharjah to keep your car transmission system in good condition and stay away from expensive repairs, then we Royal Swiss Auto Services is here to provide the perfect maintenance and repair for both manual or automatic transmission despite of the model you hold.

When you visit us for car transmission repair, we make sure your car is treated with utmost care so that you experience efficient gear shifting and flawless performance of your vehicle.

If your car has transmission issues, what should you watch out for?

  • You may begin to notice the transmission fluid leakage.
  • Sometimes you may even notice a burning smell when your car has any transmission issues.
  • Gear slipping or refusing to switch gears is one of the predominant signs.
  • Check engine light may begin to illuminate if you even have transmission problems in some cases.
  • Unusual noises like buzzing, clunking or humming might occur.
  • You may notice excessive vibration or shaking while changing the gears.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs on your vehicle, it is advised to visit the car transmission repair specialists in Sharjah immediately, to keep your car away from expensive repairs and enhance the ride quality.

Why choose Royal Swiss Auto Services for transmission repair in Sharjah?

As we all know, the transmission system in one make and model of the vehicle differs greatly from the other and requires delicate care from the experienced team to keep it in premium condition. At our car service center in Sharjah staffed with experienced technicians and equipped with the latest diagnostic tools, we provide high-precision service and maintenance for your car transmission beyond your expectation.


  • Complete transmission system & gearbox inspection
  • Transmission fluid refilling
  • Transmission replacement
  • Transmission rebuild

When you visit our workshop for car transmission repair in Sharjah, we will inspect your vehicle and will provide timely repairs to make sure the overall health of your vehicle is good and is performing at its best.


Leaving out the car transmission repair unnoticed may lead to complex and labor-intensive repairs affecting your process. So just dial 800 79477, if you experience any transmission-related repair or trouble.

Our team of transmission repair specialists in Sharjah will take care of the rest.

Symptoms That Show You Need Car Transmission Service Or Repair

  • Noises – when your car is in neutral gear, and still, you hear some grinding, ticking, and whining noises.
  • Gears are slipping – when you face difficulty in changing gears and locking it on a specific number.
  • Engine light – when the red engine light on the dashboard is on.
  • Shaking – when you observe that the car is shaking when you change the gear.

All the issues mentioned above are only due to the leakage of transmission fluid or low transmission fluid level.

If you observe any of the above issues in your car, take some superior’s advice and get your car checked for transmission fluid.

How Can You Extend The Life Of Your Car’s Transmission?

Your car cannot move an inch if the transmission is not working at all. So, getting service done is imperative for its long life.

  • Regular service – experts in the automobile industry suggest that you must get your transmission serviced after every 80,000 km.
  • Use correct fluid – transmission fluid is different from other fluids used in the car. Therefore install the correct, high-premium transmission fluid in your car. Use a fluid recommended by the car’s manufacturer.

How To Get The Repair Or Service Done?

You can take the service of our experts at Royal Swiss Auto. The best way to prevent unnecessary transmission repairs is to keep the transmission fresh. At Royal Swiss Auto, we can remove your old transmission fluid and perform the complete flush of your transmission system. After flushing, we shall install new, manufacturer’s advised, premium quality transmission fluid. We possess high-end tools and machines to get the whole job done in just a few hours. We also devote our services to provide value for money.

Trust us for Transmission Repair of your Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover or other cherished luxury car.


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