Touchless car wheel alignment in Dubai

Have you ever thought of a touchless wheel alignment system that can quickly measure your car wheel’s alignment without any set-up time? You also don’t need to leave your car for an alignment check even for an hour. With a touchless wheel alignment system, a quick diagnosis is possible just in a few seconds. Yes! It’s true. Now you can get your car’s alignment tested at Royal Swiss Auto

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Our technicians at Royal Swiss Auto position the vehicle between the sensor heads. They measure the alignment using the infrared laser projectors in combination with two-megapixel cameras, which is included in each of the sensor heads. The laser and cameras give the results.

Symptoms of your car being out of alignment

  • Uneven or rapid tire wear- if you check your car’s tire closely, and you observe that there are some bald spots on the tire and is unevenly worn, it is the symptom that your car’s alignment is not right
  • Steering wheel going left and right- when you are driving straight, but still, your car’s steering wheel turns left or right on its own without any effort, it is a clear indication that alignment needs servicing.
  • A pull to the right or left- if you face difficulty in keeping the steering wheel at a fixed position while driving, its time you get the alignment fixed.
  • Squealing tires- if the tires produce squealing noise and you are not able to control the same, this means the alignment is faulty.

What can you do?

You will never want your car to off the track and create an issue for you. Therefore, as soon as you are confirming that your car has one or two symptoms, as mentioned above, get your car checked at Royal Swiss Auto & receive expert assistance with wheel alignment Al Quoz. At Royal Swiss Auto, we have the expert professionals who take care of your car’s alignment. They run your car through the touchless wheel alignment system and fix it for any faults. Our process is quick and highly affordable.

Trust us for Touchless wheel alignment of your Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover or other cherished luxury car.


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