Get car suspension repair in Al Ain from the experts

A well-maintained suspension system is essential to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. When you begin to feel every bump on your road with your car then this would be mainly due to the car suspension issues.

Car suspension systems generally have numerous components like springs, shock absorbers, struts, ball joints, inner tie rod, outer tie rod and many more. Each of these should be properly maintained with the guidance of experienced technicians to avoid expensive repairs

How to keep the car suspension system in good condition?

  • Regularly inspect the suspension system for any signs of wear and tear on its components.
  • Check for any unusual noises like clunks, squeaks or rattling noises which might be mainly due to car suspension issues.
  • Try to drive your vehicle carefully and ensure to get the proper tire maintenance done.
  • Do not overload your vehicles and carry out the repairs as soon as they arise, never ever postpone any minor repairs related to your car suspension system.
  • Insist on only the usage of quality spare parts in case of replacements.

What makes Royal Swiss Auto Services ideal for car suspension repair in Al Ain?

We are the trustworthy car service center in Al Ain, providing the suspension repair & services needed for your car. The experience of our technicians and the latest tools available at our state-of-the-art facility enable us to deliver the premium care that you expect for your car suspension under one shelter.

The car suspension or repair process with us is always streamlined and systematic which is always in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines, which is why we always meet the dealership quality of services in Al Ain.

The wide range of car suspension repair & services that we provide in Al Ain includes,

  • Complete suspension system inspection
  • Ball joint replacement
  • Strut replacement
  • Shock absorbers repair or replacement
  • Coil springs replacement
  • Shock mountings & bushing examination
  • Suspension system alignment
  • All other major & minor services that are required to keep your suspension in good condition.


If you suspect your car has a car suspension repair in Al Ain, then trust our car service center without any second thoughts. We not only make sure your car suspension is functioning well but also with our proper service and maintenance we make sure you are free from expensive repair bills for a longer time.

Just dial 800 79477 to schedule your car suspension repair in Al Ain with us.


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