Most Affordable Car Dip Color Services in the UAE from the Experts

Looking out for the perfect paint & body shop to get car Dip color services?
Without any second thoughts, you can trust Royal Swiss Auto Services to get car dip color services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Your car will receive the perfect long-lasting coating from us.

Why choose Royal Swiss Auto Services to get car dip color services in the UAE?

Since we are the leading paint & body shop in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with the most experienced technicians and the latest tools and equipment, we can provide excellent car dip color (peelable car paint) services that provide a unique finish on your vehicle.

We are becoming pioneers in car dip services with greater customization than you expect.

What are car dip color services?

Car dip color service is one of the modern approaches to vehicle modification & paint protection services as an alternative to vinyl wrapping services. Dip color coating on your car not only improves the appearance of your car but also protects it from abrasions and keeps the paintwork in excellent condition. It is very easy to peel off Car Dip Color because it is a genuine spray without any glue or residue.

Car dip color can be customized with the wide range of color you choose depending on your needs. Peelable car paint is easy to remove and maintain, as the name suggests.

The ceramic coating when applied forms an intact layer with the car paint surface that offers extensive protection and countless benefits to your car for many years to come while making it easy to clean and maintain.

How long does the car dip color service last?

When properly applied by experienced technicians with the desired number of coatings the car dip usually lasts for 3 to 5 years. Car dips usually are highly durable and will not lose their properties sooner, hence it is recommended to invest.

Trust us for Car dip color service of your Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover or other cherished luxury car.


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