Use Cutting-edge technology for Car Camera / Radar Calibration Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Do you know, your drive can be more comfortable if you have all the car calibration and radar at the right place? Yes! You read that right.

Camera calibration and radars are equally responsible for a smooth drive just as wheels and engine. Camera calibration includes equipment that maps out your surroundings as you drive, reverse, switch lanes, stop in traffic, park, and even braking. Hence you use the radars and calibration throughout your driving period without even noticing the same. Our experts at Royal Swiss Auto ensure for their clients to keep them in the right condition.

Common reasons why your camera calibration and radar is not working well

  • Faulty camera- it might be the case that the camera unit of your car is faulty, as this is quite common.
  • Faulty or loose wiring connection- radio head unit supplies power to the camera unit. If the wires are loosened, there will be no power supplied to the camera or no video signal link from the camera to the radio head unit.
  • Faulty meadia head unit- if the media head unit is faulty, your car’s camera will not operate at all.
  • Any mischief is made- check that someone hasn’t placed black tape over the camera lens. This is a rare occasion, but you never know.
  • Calibrations and radar not mounted properly- this can also be one of the reasons why your camera calibration and radar is not working as it is expected to work.

How to get it fixed?

If you are no car expert, come to us at Royal Swiss Auto. Our team of expert technicians is pro in handling camera calibration and radar services. We diagnose the problem with modern technology and leave no stone unturned to detect the problem. Royal Swiss Auto technicians devote themselves to bring a complete solution for your car and make the calibration work like a new one.

Trust us for Camera / Radar Calibration of your Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover or other cherished luxury car.


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