Best & Affordable Brake Caliper Painting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Looking out for the perfect finish and the sporty look to your calipers?
Get in touch with us to get extensive brake caliper painting in the UAE and get satisfied with your car’s look.

Why Choose Royal Swiss Auto Services – Impressive Rim & Brake caliper painting in the UAE

Being a top car service center and one-stop shop for paint and body repair services over the years in the UAE, we make sure to provide your car with professional & customized brake caliper painting services as per the factory standards so that your car brake calipers stand unique from the others. With years of experience, our specialists know how to design your car brake calipers charmingly so that you can be in complete peace of mind. Further our technicians know how complex it is to get the brake calipers painted so with us it is done with utmost care and personal touch.

Is it important to get the brake calipers painted in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Besides enhancing your car’s appearance, brake caliper paint prevents dirt and debris from accumulating over the calipers, preventing rusting. At Royal Swiss Auto Services we make sure your calipers are cleaned properly and the rust deposits are removed before the caliper painting to provide the perfect finish.

Customized Brake caliper painting in the UAE by expert technicians

With Royal Swiss Auto Services, you can choose any sort of color like red, green, gold, black, yellow, acid green etc as per your wish to have your calipers painted. We have become one of the brake caliper specialists in the UAE due to,

  • Affordability & Professional customer service
  • Shiny, personalized & classy appearance is guaranteed
  • Faster turnaround time

Upon ensuring that all brake parts are in good condition, we begin painting. Your brake calipers will be not only beautiful but also clean and shiny.

Trust us for Brake Caliper Painting of your Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover or other cherished luxury car.


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