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Is your car AC working properly? Or, Do you still feel the heat even after turning on the car AC? If the answer is yes, you need to get your car AC serviced.

When you live in Dubai, where the climate is harsh, and the temperature soars up to 50 degrees, it is imperative to have a fully functional car air conditioner system. The system requires maintenance from time-to-time to continue functioning well. If you want to enjoy a comfortable ride in your car, a good climate is required. Hence get your car AC serviced regularly.

Common symptoms your car AC is not working properly.

  • The AC is not blowing cool air the way it used to.
  • The AC is producing noises.
  • The compressor is not working.

Common car AC problems:

  • Contamination- dirt, and debris are the major culprit behind AC problems. Therefore, get your AC flushed regularly.
  • Leakages- AC uses gas or refrigerants to get rid of heat. The gas is not supposed to run out. The leakage of gas can drastically affect the working of AC. Hence get the gas level checked and replace any worn out parts.
  • Evaporator failure- evaporator absorbs the heat produced in the car during cooling. Replace your evaporator coils if it is damaged.
  • Compressor issues- The compressor pumps the gas around the AC system. Hence, if it fails, the entire system will stop functioning. Get your compressor serviced or changed in case of issues.

If your car AC is not working properly due to any of the above problems, get it serviced by us at Royal Swiss Auto. We completely understand that your car AC is Dubai is your heart, and how important it is for it to work well. We have the experts on-board, tools, and techniques to diagnose the problem and give the required result.

At Royal Swiss Auto, all the parts of your AC system will be taken care of, such as the compressor, condenser, filter, recharge refrigerants, evaporator, accumulator, and many more.

We imbibe all the recent technology and use genuine parts to service your car’s AC. Our service center is equipped with all the necessary machines and equipment to do the job perfectly. Our new technology ensures minimum pollution emission.

Let’s mention the 17 brands we serve:

Royal Swiss Auto provides AC servicing for all the major brands, along with their genuine parts.

Trust us for AC Repair of your Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover or other cherished luxury car.


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