Affordable Extended Car Service Warranty Packages – Luxury / Premium / Exotic / Sports Cars

THE ALL-INCLUSIVE POLICY THAT COVERS ALL YOUR SERVICES & EXTENDED WARRANTY This unbeatable 2-in-1 comprehensive policy takes care of all your periodic car servicing and extended warranty coverage at exceptionally low rates. Specially designed for total maintenance, warranty coverage and your peace of mind, our Royal Swiss Auto Policy is what you need to ensure your exotic car is fully cared of by our expert technicians for all the periodic services at our state of the art ROYAL SWISS AUTO SERVICE CENTRE in Dubai. And, if anything goes wrong with your car then our extended warranty cover takes care of repairs and give you huge savings.

ROYAL SWISS AUTO POLICY – Service Contract & Extended Warranty in one amazing plan

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Not convinced yet? Well, here are 5 reasons why a Warranty Plan Today from Royal Swiss Auto is the right choice for you:


Reason #1: A Warranty plan is like a hedge against inflation and big repair bills


Reason #2: It’s a smart investment


Reason #3: Your car’s value is maintained on resale


Reason #4: We have a Warranty Plan that’s perfect for you.


Reason #5: Our No-Hassle warranty claims procedure.

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