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Service + Warranty Packages – Luxury Cars

Service + Warranty Packages – Luxury Cars

Royal Swiss Auto Warranty Policy


This unbeatable 2-in-1 comprehensive policy takes care of all your periodic car servicing and extended warranty coverage at exceptionally low rates.

Specially designed for total maintenance, warranty coverage and your peace of mind, our Royal Swiss Auto Policy is what you need to ensure your exotic car is fully cared of by our expert technicians for all the periodic services at our state of the art ROYAL SWISS AUTO SERVICE CENTRE in Dubai. And, if anything goes wrong with your car then our extended warranty cover takes care of repairs and give you huge savings.

Here is how comprehensive this policy is.

VALID FOR:  All Makes of Luxury, Sports and Exotic Cars

WARRANTY PERIOD: 12, 24, 36 and even 60 months

*Vat not included


The Royal Swiss Auto policy was specially created when our loyal customers asked for a plan that combined both the periodic service contract with the benefits of extended warranty.

We offer several options on this policy, so you have the freedom to choose what suits you best. You can purchase this service + extended warranty plan for durations of 12, 24, 36 or even 60 months. The starting price is only AED 17,000.

All your manufacturer-recommended periodic services are included and in the unfortunate event if something goes wrong with your car’s major components like Engine, Transmission or Drive Axle then the extended warranty will cover expenses of up to AED 25,000 for each claim.

Now isn’t this giving you full advantage of driving your cherished car without any fear of service or repair costs.

Share your details below or Call our Service Warranty specialist to get the best offer on your vehicle.

Luxury Car Service Packages Dubai

Not convinced yet? Well, here are 5 reasons why a Warranty Plan Today from Royal Swiss Auto is the right choice for you:

With a Royal Swiss Auto warranty plan, you not only cover yourself from unexpected high repair bills but also lock the cost at today’s rates. Thus, avoiding paying higher amount for inflation on repair charges and the high spare parts prices.

Royal Swiss Auto‘s extended car warranty plans are for the smart planner. These packages act like a factory warranty. This means if something goes wrong unexpectedly, the plan pays for the repair costs, as per the limit of the plan.

Surprisingly, sometimes just one minor repair job on your luxury vehicle costs more than the cost of our warranty package which protects your car for up to 3 years.

A buyer will always pay more for a car that has a valid warranty coverage. So, having a Royal Swiss Auto warranty plan actually pays for itself when you put your car for sale.

At Royal Swiss Auto, we have custom warranty plans to suit all types of warranty requirements. Call our Warranty expert to get the plan that meets your budget and coverage needs.

With our aim to get your vehicle back on the road in optimum performance condition as fast as possible, our claim procedure is super simplified.

Get a free quote, personalize your coverage, and pick a plan. Don’t hesitate to ask our Warranty Program expert for help. Call now or send your inquiry below.

Trust us for your luxury car warranty packages in Dubai


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