Mitsubishi have all features that make your travel easier and comfortable
The advanced features in it require premium care from our experts

At our Mazda service centre in Dubai, we strive to ensure that you get the maximum benefits out of your Mazda for the years to come without any major repairs demanding hefty repair bills. We strongly believe that cars like Mazda require unique care from professionals to keep up their premium features in the long run. This is made possible with our team of Mazda repair specialists in Dubai.

The excellent advanced features in the Mitsubishi require premium care to keep it in perfect condition. Our Mitsubishi specialists in Dubai inspect and maintain your car in such a way to extend the lifespan of your Mitsubishi and provide you with a reliable journey. Our Mitsubishi service centre in Dubai offers everything your car needs in an affordable way.


If you are constantly searching, where is the Mitsubishi service centre near me in Dubai? Then you have landed at the correct spot. Our Mitsubishi specialists know how important it is to maintain the vehicle and provide quality service at unbeatable prices that you have never experienced before.

Our specialists at Mitsubishi garage, Dubai performs all the electrical and mechanical repairs of your Mitsubishi effectively and instantly as per the manufacturer protocol through the years of experience they have gained in handling all sorts of issues.

Mitsubishi was the first among the automakers to introduce a traction control system in 1990. Their logo, a three diamond design in red color, was inspired by the water chestnut.

Look into our wide range of Mitsubishi services

At our Mitsubishi service centre, Al Quoz, Dubai, we have experience and efficiency in handling all models including Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi Xpander, Mitsubishi Pajero, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and many others.

Mitsubishi faces some common issues like steering unit failure, AC failure, failure of an automatic transmission, faulty oil filter and some others. The recurrence of this issue can be prevented to a certain extent by partnering with our Mitsubishi service centre in Dubai.

We offer all kinds of Mitsubishi services and repairs, including:

Amenities available at our workshop for your Mitsubishi service and repair

  • Largest independent luxury car workshop, garage, and Mitsubishi service centre
  • The ultra-modern, state-of-the-art workshop
  • 18,000 sqm area
  • 23 vehicle lifters
  • A capacity of 60 cars per day
  • The engine room with modern facilities is dedicated to engine repair, engine refurbishment, or engine replacement.
  • Highly qualified and certified technicians specialising in the Mitsubishi models.
  • Spare parts department and own storage.
  • The professional and multi-cultural team, we speak your language!
  • Up to 15,000 different spare parts are made available in stock

What can you expect at ROYAL SWISS AUTO for your Mitsubishi Service in Dubai?

  • Dealership-quality Mitsubishi repair in Dubai and service at very competitive rates
  • Warranty certificates for 12 months for both labour and parts work for your Mitsubishi
  • 100% genuine parts used
  • A very sophisticated CRM system to keep the history of your vehicle saved forever
  • Customer service department that treats you with royalty

How to lower the Mitsubishi maintenance cost in Dubai?

At our Mitsubishi service centre, in Dubai, we have customized service packages to meet all the needs of your vehicle in an affordable way. This makes your Mitsubishi service & repair in Dubai easier and reduces your annual maintenance cost.

Finalize your Mitsubishi service in Dubai with the best Mitsubishi garage

We offer the finest Mitsubishi repair service in Dubai to sort out each and every issue of your car in an efficient way. Contact us at 800 79477 or drop us an email at or fill out the contact form below. We are ready to provide the agency range Mitsubishi service in Dubai anytime beyond your expectation.

Trust us for your Mitsubishi service & repair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

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