Lexus is a well-known high-quality fuel-efficient car
Get its values retained for years with our Lexus specialists

Lexus cars are highly durable and have a high-reliability score. This does not mean they do not encounter any electrical or mechanical issues. They do face some issues as the days pass due to the wear and tear. Trust our authorized Lexus service centre for your vehicle maintenance. We promise to make your vehicle last longer and reduce the wear and tear damages impact in an affordable way.


The team of our Lexus specialists in Dubai clearly understand what your vehicle needs and has both the efficiency and expertise to sort out every minor and major issue of your Lexus with perfect care. From Lexus brake repair, and oil changes to battery replacement you can trust us for all kinds of Lexus maintenance needs in Dubai.

At Royal Swiss Auto, we strictly follow every recommended step suggested by the manufacturer to deliver the dealership range Lexus service or repair without charging exorbitant prices.

Since our technician has years of experience in Lexus car repair, your car can be back on the roads in a shorter period without affecting your schedule.

Certain models of Lexus cars have the built in moisturizers in the form of an air conditioning system called “nano-e” which moisturizes the skin and hair and also deodorizes the cabin. The Lexus cars are known to use the best quality leather.

We offer a wide range of Lexus repair and services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for your vehicle

At Royal Swiss Auto we serve all models of Lexus including Lexus GX, Lexus RX, Lexus IS 300, Lexus LS, Lexus ES or others. With the constant servicing at regular intervals from our Lexus specialists, some of the common problems faced by the Lexus owners like brake issues, sensor problems, drive train issues, oil leaks and water leaks can be kept away and you can be confident on the roads.

A list of a few services we offer at our Lexus car service centre in Dubai includes,

We offer all the above-mentioned services and Lexus repair with greater care and perfection so that your Lexus stays top on the roads.

Amenities available at our workshop for your Lexus service and repair in Dubai

  • Largest independent luxury car workshop, garage, and Lexus service centre in Dubai
  • The ultra-modern, state-of-the-art workshop
  • 18,000 sqm area
  • 23 vehicle lifters
  • A capacity of 60 cars per day
  • Engine room dedicated to engine repair, engine refurbishment, or engine replacement with modern facilities.
  • Highly qualified and certified technicians specialized in the Lexus models.
  • Spare parts department and own storage.
  • The professional and multi-cultural team, we speak your language!
  • Up to 15,000 different spare parts are made available in stock

What can you expect at ROYAL SWISS AUTO for your Lexus Service in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

  • Dealership-quality Lexus repair in Dubai and service at very competitive rates
  • Warranty certificates for 12 months for both labour and parts work for your Lexus
  • 100% genuine parts used
  • A very sophisticated CRM system to keep the history of your vehicle saved forever
  • Customer service department that treats you with royalty

Are you looking for the best Lexus service centre near me in Dubai?

We are the best choice to satisfy all your Lexus maintenance needs in an affordable and transparent way in Dubai. From the Lexus Detailing services to engine repair, anything you need can be done at our Lexus garage in no time while you sit back and relax.

Book your professional Lexus service in Dubai today with Royal Swiss Auto Services

To get your Lexus service, repair or replacement works done at our well-established Lexus service centre in Dubai call us at 800 79477 or drop us an email at we promise to render the high-quality service for your Lexus in Dubai and the pricing that you would love to visit us again.

Trust us for your Lexus service & repair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

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