Avail the best electric vehicle warranty in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from Royal Swiss Auto Services

Electric cars have become common among the people in the UAE, so we are coming up with all possible ways to make your electric car maintenance easier. One such way to give the proper protection for your electric car is by opting for the best EV warranty    

Looking out for an Electric car battery warranty in the UAE?

Repairing or replacing the electric car batteries may demand a considerable amount of money since it is one of the major components of the electric car that require perfect protection. Our instant electric car warranty quotes and the easy claims process are the two main reasons that made us the first choice among the people for the affordable electric car warranty packages in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. With us, whether it may be new or used electric car warranty plans they are specifically curated to render maximum protection to your car beyond your expectation    

With our comprehensive electric car warranty packages, protection to your EV batteries is assured. We cover everything including,

  • Electrical components like generator, lithium-ion battery, electric motor & adaptors
  • Front and rear drive axle
  • Steering
  • Front and rear suspension components
  • Alternator components
  • Air conditioning and heating components

Electric Car Warranty Package

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Not convinced yet? Well, here are 5 reasons why a Warranty Plan Today from Royal Swiss Auto is the right choice for you:


Reason #1: Complete peace of mind on the roads


Reason #2: Quality repairs and replacement, despite rising repair costs


Reason #3: Increased electric vehicle battery life


Reason #4: A perfect Electric car warranty plan with a hassle-free claims process


Reason #5: Your EV can be protected in a smarter way

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