Electric cars are of newer technology and due to the ease of its maintenance and the presence of fewer complex mechanical components when compared to traditional fuel cars, many people have started investing in it,

The maintenance of electric cars is quite easy and it is important to take up the maintenance tasks as suggested by the manufacturer at regular intervals by visiting the reliable electric car service center in Al Ain to stay away from expensive repair bills.

We Royal Swiss Auto Services, are well-equipped to provide the premium electric car service in Al Ain or other repairs needed to fix the issues that your car might have.


In Al Ain, we provide service for all-electric car models

You may hold any of the electric car models like Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, VW ID4, BMW i3 or any other, the expertise and experience of our technicians enable us to provide premium electric car repair or service in Al Ain, so that you can get back your car on the roads quickly with greater efficiency.

  • Various EV maintenance services including battery, tyre and brake inspections
  • Electric car battery & motor maintenance
  • AC repair & servicing
  • Paint & body shop services
  • Electrical services
  • Scanning & diagnostic services
  • Electric car software updates
  • Electric car wiring repair
  • Electric car charging port repair

What are the few important signs that indicate the need for electric car repair?

If you experience any of the below-mentioned signs, visit our electric car service center in Al Ain to ensure the healthy performance of your car and stay away from repairs.

  • Your electric car battery begins to lose its charge frequently.
  • You need to get frequent charging of your EV batteries.
  • Strange noises or vibrations while driving your electric car.
  • Any kind of sparks or flames arising from your car.


At Royal Swiss Auto Services, our electric vehicle experts always guarantee that three important parts of the electric cars like the charging system, battery and motors are free from major issues.


customers say about us

Thanks so much Royal Swiss Auto. Professional Staff. it was first time for me and i am appreciating the services advisor Mostafa Metwally and really will think upgrading my warranty with him All the best!

Hani Alhajsaleh
3 days ago

Really very happy with my 2nd visit. Many thanks to Mr. Mostafa Metawally.. i appreciate his efforts to take care and repair my car..
Appreciate all the team efforts.. thanks so much..

Coco A.
a week ago

My experience was superb, the advisor Mostafa Metwally was super helful and professional i think this is one of my best experience since i first owned a car, this forced me to continue with them and get a service contract for both my cars.

Mustafa Sadick
a week ago
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