As a Haval owner, you will get to enjoy the best of both worlds, the comfort of a luxury car and the convenience of an SUV. We understand how much you value your SUV and assure you we will service it with the greatest care and attention.
Haval SUV blends the finest global technology, safety features, and components. As a part of the rapidly expanding Chinese automobile brand GWM, Haval has cemented its position as a stellar global SUV brand, raising the standards and offering design and equipment aspects. We understand your Haval means a lot to you; so allow us to help you care for it..


We specialize in the service, repairs, and maintenance of Haval SUVs and assure you of firm compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines to always ensure your safety and security.
Visit us today to get your Haval SUV serviced and performing at its best!

At Royal Swiss Auto Service Center, we are firm believers in brand specialization as every car brand today is unique, requiring specialized expertise and tools for proper maintenance and repair. At our specialized Haval workshop in Al Quoz, Dubai, we guarantee the highest quality Haval service in Dubai performed by expert technicians. Maintenance and repairs will be performed by experienced certified Haval specialists, who are experts on the complex mechanical and electrical systems.



The name Haval was initially used with the Great Wall Haval CUV which was introduced in April 2005 as an early locally manufactured compact SUV. Before this, Great Wall Motors had mostly produced pickup trucks and off-road SUVs. Later the Haval name was converted to a stand-alone brand with a separate logo.
Our Expert Haval Service in Dubai


Irrespective of the Haval model you own, whether it is the H6Hev, Jolion, Dargo, H6, H6GT, or H9, we possess the expertise to service them all. We have over 18+ years of experience maintaining and repairing automobiles in the UAE. We understand exactly how Haval performs and the challenges it faces in the hot & humid UAE conditions. We know the problems you as a Haval owner experience, particularly DCT transmission issues, grinding and slipping gears, acceleration problems, battery issues, brake pedal noises, turbo lag, excessive fuel consumption, and clutch problems. Haval maintenance and timely repairs by professionals will ensure you avoid issues with your vehicle.
The following electrical and mechanical repairs for Haval can be availed at our Haval garage in Dubai

We prioritize getting you back on the road in the shortest time possible, with complete peace of mind, and at a cost that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

How Is the Royal Swiss Auto Service Center’s Haval Workshop Unique and the Best in Dubai?

Our key motto is to provide dealership-level Haval services at extremely competitive pricing without compromising quality. We constantly strive to achieve our motto with our state-of-the-art workshop and certified technicians. Our numerous satisfied customers attest to our service quality and have propelled us to the pinnacle of automotive service and repairs in Dubai. Whether you need major or minor services or any other maintenance service or repairs for your Haval SUV, we excel in every aspect. At our Haval workshop in Dubai, we always view things from our customers’ perspectives and strive to make auto repairs more relaxed and affordable.

How to Quickly Book An Appointment With Royal Swiss Auto Service Center’s Haval Workshop?

When you book an appointment at our ultra-modern and well-equipped luxury car garage in Al Quoz, Dubai our welcoming service advisor will accept your car and our Haval specialists will put it through a thorough inspection. There’s no need to worry if you must wait to pick up your vehicle; sit down and relax in our comfortable and well-appointed modern waiting area.Call 800 79477 or email for competitively priced reliable Haval repair in Dubai backed by a service contract and car warranty package. You can also fill out the contact form below to contact us.



Trust us for your Haval service & repair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

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