The Geely is a class apart, with its premium interiors and great driving experience. We know you always want the best for your car and that’s the service we promise you at Royal Swiss Auto Service Center, UAE.
Geely is a multi-faceted car backed by quality and innovation.

Since its inception three decades ago in Li Shufu, China, the Geely brand has grown immensely to solidify its position as a prominent player in international markets. It is a wonderful example of how advanced technology and innovative design can be economically employed within the automobile industry to revolutionize how we travel. At Royal Swiss Auto Service Center we use advanced technology to transform Geely’s performance and ensure a smooth driving experience.


We provide specialized Geely service, repairs, and maintenance, and ensure strict compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines so our customers always drive safely.
Unlock your Geely’s potential today, with our peerless automobile service and repairs!

At Royal Swiss Auto, we are committed to brand specialization as with technological advancements, every car brand today requires specialized expertise and tools for its maintenance and repair. Hence, we have a dedicated Geely workshop in Al Quoz, Dubai, where we guarantee our customers the unrivaled Geely service in Dubai performed by expert technicians. All Geely maintenance and repair jobs are handled by certified specialists familiar with the ins and outs of Geely vehicles’ complex mechanical and electrical systems.

Our service technicians adhere to every manufacturer-recommended step to provide dealership quality service to our customers, without the exorbitant dealership prices charged for Geely repairs in Dubai..


Geely’s acquisition of Volvo
In a landmark strategic move in 2010, Geely acquired the well-known Swedish automobile giant Volvo and positioned itself as a major global player in the automotive arena. Apart from Volvo, Geely owns the automotive brands Lynk & Co, Proton, and Lotus.

Our Professional Geely Service in Dubai

We have over 18+ years of experience in automobile service and repairs in the UAE, and understand the impact the hot & humid UAE conditions can have on a Geely. You can own any Geely model including the Monjaro, Coolray, Okavango, Tugella, Azkarra, and Starray; we possess the expertise to service them all. Geely owners often have engine-related car issues such as misfires, oil leaks, and overheating. Routine professional maintenance and timely repairs will ensure you avoid such problems.
Below, we list a few electrical and mechanical repairs we perform at our Geely workshop in Dubai.

This is What You Can Expect When You Service Your Geely at Royal Swiss Auto Service Center

  • Dealership-quality Geely repair and service at extremely competitive rates
  • Warranty certificates for 12 months for both labor and parts work
  • A sophisticated CRM system that maintains your car history and saves it forever
  • Customer service that makes you feel like royalty and ensures you have a pleasant hassle-free Geely service experience

Our Facilities Are Primed for Geely Service And Repairs in Dubai

Our Geely service center in Dubai has the best car servicing and repair facilities to meet all the service requirements of our customers. Its distinctive features are mentioned below.

  •  It is the largest independent luxury car workshop, garage, and Geely service center in Dubai
  • It has an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art workshop
  • It is spread over an 18,000 sqm area and is equipped with 150+ vehicle lifters
  • It can service 100+ cars per day
  • It has an engine room dedicated to engine repair, engine refurbishment, and engine replacement.
  • It is staffed with highly qualified and certified technicians who specialize in repairing the brands we serve.
  • It has a spare parts department and separate spares storage.
  • We employ a professional and multi-cultural team, and speak your language!
  • We have up to 15,000 different spare parts available in stock

We always focus on quickly getting your Geely back on the road in fantastic condition, so you leave us with complete peace of mind, without burning a hole in your pocket..

Royal Swiss Auto Service Center’s Exceptional Geely Workshop in Dubai

We focus on delivering competitively priced dealership-level Geely services without compromising quality. This is achievable with our state-of-the-art workshops and certified technicians. We have numerous contented customers who will attest to our service quality and have motivated us to reach greater heights in the field in Dubai.
We excel in providing all kinds of automotive services, including major, minor, and maintenance services, and auto repairs. We constantly strive to make Geely service and repairs a more pleasant experience for our customers in Dubai.

The Car Intake Process at Royal Swiss Auto Service Center’s Geely Workshop

After booking an appointment at our contemporary and well-equipped luxury car garage in Al Quoz, Dubai you will meet our amiable service advisor who will accept your car. Then our Geely specialists will come in and thoroughly inspect it. In case you have to wait, you can relax in the comfort of our cheerful modern waiting area.
Call 800 79477 or email for competitively priced reliable Geely repair in Dubai backed by a car warranty and service contract package. You can also fill out the contact form below to contact us.

Trust us for your Geely service & repair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.


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